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My very own Instagram account where I excavate and dredge the Internet for the most enticing and horrifying pieces.

izthisfashion The worst dream I ever had was when I tried to zip off my jeans and underneath them were just more jeans. My skin was nowhere to be found. I had lost my protective shield. Perhaps it meant I could trust no one, not even myself. Also it was super scary to have denim instead of skin. It’s such a cold fabric. I’ve spent every day trying to forget that dream. When I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I prayed and prayed that it was real so that I could “eternal sunshine” that dream from my memory, so to speak. Anything to release me from the waking nightmare my subconscious had become. And then I found this picture. It seems you cannot outrun your deepest fears. They will always find you. Always. 
Comment below if you’d wear zippers on the front of your jeans!!

#zipperjeans #denimskin#eternalsunshineofthespotlessmind #fear#funnyclothes #sillyclothes #dreams#nightmares

izthisfashion What’s missing from the leisure and comfort of a hoodie? You guessed it, the pain of a tight fabric and seams turning your original two labia majora into FOUR! I never wanna wear a comfy hoodie without slicing my bare pussy in half EVER. AGAIN!! 

#fourmajora #hoodieotard #comfort #slicing 


izthisfashion “Hello. Yes, it is I, here to attend your summer bachelorette party. I apologize for my tardiness but I was held up by a slasher in the forrest, whom I thankfully vanquished by the skin of my teeth, however not before he could pierce his dagger into the cool elastic of my conservative one-piece. A small sacrifice on my part, to arrive here for you, Shannon, on your day. I brought mini champagne nibs.”
*passes out*
#summer #bacheloretteparty #onepiece#slasher 

#sacrifice #champagnenibs

izthisfashion I.......flossed. My.....pants. My pants....are floss. ?

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